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Media Multitasking - Are We Addicted To Technology? Do We Have Shorter Attention Spans?

Of course, the questions I pose - "Are we addicted to technology?" and "Do We Have Shorter Attention Spans?" - are loaded. They aren't "yes" or "no" questions. True, research shows that we multitask with media more often than ever before, but the effects of that multitasking on our attention and productivity aren't cut and dry. Anecdotally, I know most of us (at least those of us over 30) would probably have negative things to say about media multitasking, like: " My students can't sit through a class without checking their phones." of "My daughter texts, tweets, and listens to Spotify while she's doing her homework."

There is a growing body of research on media multitasking. You can see a blog entry I wrote about it last year here:

For an in-depth discussion of media multitasking, check out the Kaiser Family Foundation's report.

Below is a great infographic from about the interaction between media multitasking and learning:

Online Learning and Multitasking